Anchor Electric Company LLC is a third generation electrical company that has been serving the Berlin/Ocean City Maryland area for 20+ years. Statewide Master Electrican licensed and insured for all of your electrical needs. Open Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00 or 24/7 for all electrical emergencies.


Are your recessed lights old and dull in color and burning out bulbs all the time?  Retrofit them to a new led recessed trim/bulb combination as one sealed unit sure to last you at least 10 years and provide you with a brighter cleaner light.  All different color temperatures available from your traditional orange-ish incandescent to pure white light that is so clean it has a blue tint . All types of bulbs available for any light fixture you have.  And lastly dimmers can be provided to dim any lighting fixture


Is your electrical service panel and meter outdated? Or have you simply used up all your space in your panel? We pride ourselves on clean installation, focusing on what the customer wants  and properly  labeled electrical panels.

Under cabinent lighting is a great accent to any kitchen. We specialize in under, over cabinent lighting, and toekick lighting to really make it pop.

Whole home generators are a great necessity living here on the Eastern Shore due to the many storms that ravage our coast. We can fix you up with a simple portable generator, or a whole home system. 


Many do not realize that ceiling fans can help save on your electrical bills all year. Fans help move air to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. Do you have high ceilngs, if so use your fans to help get your hot air moving threw out your home.

We our trained to trouble shoot any electrical issue from the simple things, such as a dead outlet, circuit breaker tripping or total loss of power. We will alo help you with more complicated issues like faulty wiring.

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